Master Ruby Web APIs - Book

Thibault Denizet
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The Reference on Building Modern Web APIs

Imagine being able to craft a web API masterpiece - one that you love, one that's bug free and game-changingly powerful, all that using your favorite programming language - Ruby... wouldn't that be incredible?

You'd instantly skip the sleepless nights, the endless debugging and the incoherent tutorials.

Why buy Master Ruby Web APIs?

Save hours of frustration & achieve web API mastery with Master Ruby Web APIs. If you want to unlock the hidden potentials of web APIs, this course is a MUST have:

  • Unleash your creativity - from Simple Sinatra APIs to finally understand true REST, you'll unlock the limitless potential of web APIs.
  • Discover a lifelong skill - once you've mastered web APIs, you'll unlock a skill you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Save hours of frustration - skip the fluff & boost your knowledge with this comprehensive time-saving book.
  • Fuel your passion - breathe life into your ideas & reap the rewards of a powerful web API.
  • Skyrocket your career success - thousands of employers are hiring web API developers right now. You'll kickstart your career and boost your job prospects.
  • Fast-track your learning curve - live steroids for the programming mind, you'll discover how to avoid irritating mistakes & save time.

What readers have to say about Master Ruby Web APIs

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what readers have to say about Master Ruby Web APIs:

"I really enjoyed reading this well-researched book on APIs. I have learned so much from the examples and explanations and will use this book in future as a reference guide. " - Francois van der Hoven (Software Developer at Bus4x4)

"A very good book about API implementation All key concepts are covered and illustrated with examples. It is thorough and easy to follow, highly recommended!" - Florent Guilleux (Software Engineer)

"Read half of it in two days! If you develop REST APIs in Ruby you *must* read this." - @FredAtBootstrap (Freelance Full-Stack Developer)

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with this course, you can ask for a complete refund within the 30 days following your purchase. No questions asked.

With absolutely no risk, what do you have to lose?

Are you ready to master web APIs today?

This package only contains the book, in four different formats:

- Static HTML Website

- Epub


- Mobi

Check the book website if you want to buy a different package (with videos, source code, etc):


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